For Schools

For every family, every child and every story, HappiFamli is there every step of the way. 

HappiLearnr is part of the HappiFamli Brand Network; the only place where parents can find the entire continuum of local child care, camp, class, and private school organizations in one place.

It’s where corporations can find amazing corporate benefits packages and it’s where businesses can find marketing, AND registration… all-in-one.

Business Marketing

Advertising on HappiLearnr provides exposure to thousands of parents specifically looking for businesses like yours. HappiFamli sites average between 10-15k visitors every month. We make sure that our programs to reach those parents save you time, save you money, and bring you customers. For more details, download our 2018-2019 Media Kit Here.


HappiFamli is THE GO TO BRAND that families use to plan their children’s needs all year round. To take advantage of our continuum pricing and reach three times the audience email us at or call 512.651.3575.


Simply put, the HappiFamli Brand Network drives business. Investing in advertising with us gives you visibility to thousands of parents while delivering an average of 32% CTR (click through rate) on our listings and a 2.2% CTR on our ads. Coupled with a CPC (Cost per click) rate 35-90% less than Facebook ads makes partnering with us a smart investment. And if you’re a non profit, we’re proud to go the extra mile and offer a 25% discount. 

FREE Level

    • Website link, phone #, email & brief description of business 

Gold Level 

    • Search listing appears above Basic Level businesses
    • List detailed information on your offerings
    • Logo Image on listings and ability to upload testimonials and pictures
    • Website box ad (125x125) 

Platinum Level 

    • Search listing appears above both Gold and Basic Level businesses
    • List detailed information on your offerings 
    • Logo Image on listings and ability to upload testimonials and pictures 
    • Website box ad (125x125) 
    • Rotating ad at top of search page (550x340)

Continuum Level 

    • All of the Platinum Level features on all of the HappiFamli brands for one price.


Business Promotion: Blog, Facebook and Instagram posts on your business 

Banner Ad: -Your 710x90 ad is displayed on specified search pages within site


Email us at or call 512.651.3575 to find out how you can appear in one of our guides.

Holiday Camp Guide - November 2018

Focuses on Thanksgiving and Winter Break Camps

Camp Guide – February 2019

Focuses on Spring Break and Summer Camps

Additional guides will be published quarterly in 2019


Email us at or call 512.651.3575 to find out how you can be a part of a great family event 

2019 HappiCampr Camp Fair - Sunday February 24, 2019

2019 HelloNabr Neighborhood Camp Fairs

  • Saturday February 9:  Forest Oaks in Cedar Park
  • Saturday February 16: Circle C and Shady Hollow in SW Austin
  • Saturday February 23: Avalon in Pflugerville

Business Registration Tool

“An integrated, cloud-based registration tool would be awesome!” It’s what we heard from dozen’s of parents and businesses like yours. If you accept applications and payments the old fashioned way (by hand) or you’re using an antiquated, wonky registration tool, meet the new sheriff in town. 

We made it easier for parents to make it easier for you.

Parents can now search and sign up for your business all in one place using our listings marketplace and universal application. Businesses like yours can quickly build and manage our registration system to list camps and activities, sell some or all of your spots, customize registration forms, sort data, create detailed reports, and process payments. To learn more about how we can help your business run better at scale,  email us at or call 512.651.3575.

Affiliate Marketing

Need a little boost to fill a few remaining spots? HappiYoungstr offers a program that puts us to work finding and closing qualified leads. To learn more about how we can help save you time and increase your revenue, email us at or call 512.651.3575.


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